Keep Your Hands Looking Smooth and Beautiful by Oro Gold

oro gold hand care

Rough hands are a problem that many people have. Whether your hands suffer from hard use or a dry environment, chances are that you would love to have smooth hands. Keep your hands smooth and beautiful with Oro Gold, and follow some simple tricks to make sure that the skin of your hands is healthy and beautiful.

No matter who you are or what you do, your hands take a beating every day. The skin of your hands is exposed to many damaging elements throughout the day, so it is important to not only protect it, but also heal the damage that has been done. Damage to the skin of your hands will often make your hands rough.

An easy way to get smoother hands is to soak them in a water solution. Plain and simple water is the best way to add moisture to your dried out hands. Water penetrates the cells and rejuvenates them. Wash your hands with warm water and moisturizing soap. Once you are finished rinsing, soak your hands in warm water and a few drops of olive oil. Only soak your hands for about five minutes, and you will notice an instant difference in the feel of your skin.

Next, put about two tablespoons of either sugar or salt in the palm of your hand. Add a few drops of warm water and rub your hands together. Replace the water with olive oil if your hands are incredibly dry. The sugar or salt acts as an exfoliator and removes layers of dead skin cells that can cause dryness and rough patches.

Apply a small amount of moisturizing soap to your hands. Oro Gold reviews recommends a soap that incorporates lotion or some other type of moisturizer. Using a soft washcloth, rub the soap all over your hands. Rub in small circles and do not miss any portion of your skin. When you have finished, rinse the soap off.

Pat your hands dry, but allow them to remain moist. Apply a moisturizing lotion such as 24k Multi-Vitamin Day Moisturizer from Oro Gold Cosmetics. Rub the lotion or moisturizer into every part of your hand using the same technique that you used for applying the moisturizing soap. Wrap hands in a hot, damp washcloth so that the lotion can soak in.

Finally, massage rosewater into your skin. Rosewater is available at specialty beauty stores. Massage the rosewater into your hands quickly to soften your skin. It also evens out your skin tone and leaves your skin with a wonderful scent.

Whether you realize it or not, the skin of your hands suffers a lot of damage and rough treatment throughout the day. It is important to take good care of your hands and feet because no matter how damaged your hands are, following a few simple tips will help to repair damage and smooth the skin of your hands so that they remain beautiful and soft.

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