Skin Care and Makeup Advice for Women over Sixty

oro gold Who said that sixty can’t be sexy? That certainly isn’t what the Oro Gold skin care professionals think. There are entire collections of Oro Gold products dedicated to the helping mature skin look beautiful. Granted, you may not look like you did when you were a teenager, but do you really want to relive all of that angst and acne all over again anyway? Just because you have celebrated over sixty birthdays doesn’t mean that you can’t look youthful and vibrant!

A Clean Face Is the Perfect Base

Whether you are 16, 36, or 66, a clean face is the first step towards great skin. Oro Gold skin care products can help you keep your face clean and your skin feeling moisturized. Cleansing and toning the skin will rid it of the toxins and dirt that it accumulates throughout the day. Washing your face actually dries it out. As we age, our skin naturally gets drier. For these reasons, applying a moisturizer like Oro Gold moisturizing day cream, is essential. First, it will add some much needed moisture to your dry skin, making it look full and healthy. It will also help your foundation spread evenly and smoothly on your skin, for a flawless look.

Foundation and Concealer

As this age, everyone could probably use a little help from some foundation and concealer. Foundations even out skin tone and smooth the skin. Use a liquid foundation, powder foundations can actually make wrinkles and fine lines more pronounced. Always buy a concealer from the same brand to ensure the colors match. Use the concealer to hide blemishes and age spots. You can also use it to cover up those dark circles which can appear. You can also incorporate Oro Gold skin care anti aging eye products into your routine.


You want to wear make up without looking made up. Leave the youthful fads and fashions to the youth, and defer to the classic looks. These ageless makeup applications will help you look ageless too. A soft pink blush on your cheeks will brighten your whole face. For eyes, curl your eyelashes and add a coat of mascara to make them really pop. If you like wearing eye shadow, opt for the neutral colors. To make that makeup last, use an eyeshadow primer. If your eyebrows have thinned over the years, it may be time to start filling them in a bit with an eyebrow pencil. Just try to keep them looking natural and not drawn on. Lips tend to thin as we age too. A lip liner and matching lipstick can make them look fuller and more saturated. Like a fine wine, some women just get better with age, and you can be one of them. Utilize your makeup to help you look younger. Simply keep up with your skin care regimen, use products that are suited for your skin and age, and keep makeup looking classy or natural.

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