Beauty Expert Endorses Orogold: Skin Care for Any Age

orogold 24k bio-brightening skin tone moisturizer

Any cosmetician or dermatologist will tell you that the secret to achieving beautiful and radiant skin is to first, avoid sun exposure, second, to maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet, and lastly, to utilize not only the best skin care products, but also the right skin care products for your age.

Nicole Gray, a well known beauty expert and owner of “Kiss and Makeup” recently appeared on The Broadcast KTXD, a local news station for the  Dallas Texas area  discussing “Skincare for Any Age.”

Gray explains that skin makes many transformations as it ages. And because your skin changes as you age, your skin care routine should change as well. Gray went on to mention that the two factors that weigh the most on how well your skin ages is sun exposure and

genetics. Certain skin care products are especially formulated to combat the damage done to skin from sun exposure, to restore the elastin lost due to aging, and to reduce the appearance of fine line and wrinkles.

For women in their 50’s Nicole Gray gave a passionate referral for the OROGOLD 24K Bio-Brightening Skin Tone Moisturizer.

Read “Skincare for Any Age” Below:


“When it comes to skin care, we’re always looking for the next best product to help me look younger. But we find there’s so many products out there that may work for younger women but not for those of us over a certain age.

Here with some ideas for every age was Nicole Gray, owner of Kiss & Make-Up.”

Watch the televised Broadcast “Skincare for Any Age.”


Gray endorsed Orogold Cosmetics: “this product is very unique, it’s Orogold…” Gray explained that “gold has a lot of natural values for your skin.” She also explained that when it comes to aging skin, sometimes less makeup looks better. Women in their 50’s and older can still love the skin they’re in, especially their facial skin, by using OROGOLD 24K Bio-Brightening Skin Tone Moisturizer in place of heavy makeup and foundations. The Bio-Brightening Skin Tone Moisturizer restores aging skin to a more youthful, radiant appearance. As Nicole Gray summed it up the Bio-Brightening Skin Tone Moisturizer “leaves a dazzling radiance to your skin because of the gold.”

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