Skin Cancer Awareness Month

orogold cosmetics cancer awarenessOro Gold Professionals Take Time to Consider Skin Cancer Awareness Month

As individuals, college friends, and extended families begin busily booking their beach vacations, they eagerly anticipate the sunny weather waiting for them at the shore. For this reason, May is the ideal month to designate as National Skin Cancer Awareness Month. The hope is to increase public awareness and understanding of skin cancer before the droves of vacationers hit the sun and surf.

In order to comprehend and underscore the importance of the knowledge, prevention and treatment of skin cancer, it is important to know that it is the most common kind of cancer in the United States. According to research from the American Cancer Society, it is projected that 76,690 cases of melanoma will be diagnosed in 2013 and 9,480 deaths will occur as a result of melanoma. These statistics do not include the more prevalent but less deadly basal and squamous cell skin cancers or the rare skin lymphomas. As a heavyweight in the skincare industry, Oro Gold strives to create new beauty products of the highest quality, but also wishes to keep customers informed with the best skin care practices which may reduce the chances of skin cancer. Knowledge is power, especially when contending with such a devastating and common disease.

Skin cancer is broadly broken into two main categories: melanoma and non-melanoma. Non-melanoma, also known as basal cell or squamous cell cancers, are the more common of the two. According to the American Cancer Society, three and a half million cases of non-melanoma cancers are reported each year. The number of people who die from this form of cancer is a relatively very small: about two thousand individuals. The treatment of this cancer is also relatively easy. Melanoma is less common, but more devastating.

Although some genetic based risk factors cannot be avoided and not all risk factors are known, there are some preventative steps you can take to decrease your chances of skin cancer. We face the most well-known skin cancer causing agent every day. This is the ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Tanning beds also use UV rays and, contrary to what they tanning salon tells you, are no safer than the sun. Frequent, prolonged exposure to UV rays without the protection of clothing or sunscreen can result in sunburn. There are many studies which show sunburns, including those which happen during childhood, are linked to melanoma.

So protecting yourself and protecting your family from the sun is your first line of defense against skin cancer. You should use a broad spectrum, water proof sunscreen every time you go outside, even during the winter. When you travel to the beach for your summer vacation, make use of the beach umbrella and stay in the shade during peak sunlight hours from 10 AM to 2 PM.

You should also perform monthly self-body checks, looking for new or changing moles. If you notice a new or altered mole, you should consult with a professional. Oro Gold makes cosmetics to keep skin clean and healthy feeling while looking youthful and vibrant, and we want you to take preventative measure so that you can continue to enjoy our Oro Gold cosmetics for a long time.