Orogold in the Press

Continually growing in its popularity among the rich and famous, Orogold Cosmetics is receiving increasing attention from media outlets. Here is what the press, your favorite beauty review sites, and other consumers have to say about this luxurious skin care line.


daily travel kit from orogold cosmeticsThe Life of Ultimate Luxury added Orogold 24k Travel Daily Essential Kit to the top of its list for their2013 Mother’s Day Luxury Gift Guide:”  

“The 24K Travel Daily Essential Kit is a great way to pamper Mom with three of OROGOLD Cosmetic’s most luxurious products in one set so she can get maximum benefits. The set includes: 24K Deep Day Moisturizer Cream to give skin a rested and youthful look, 24K Deep Peeling to provide a powerful facial cleanse, and 24K Cell Renewal Night Cream so that Mom can wake up with silkier skin after a well-deserved night of rest. Each product’s main active ingredient is 24K Gold, making it a Mother’s Day gift fit for the queen of every household!…” –Read the full list from “The Life of Ultimate Luxury” here.

orogoldThe skin care section of “Real Beauty” composed a list of the “33 Best New Anti Aging Products.” Making their list was Orogold’s Termica Energizing Mask.

“This mask has a unique (and amazing!) heating effect when mixed with water and rubbed into skin. The warm ingredients will open your pores, find their way into the deep layers of your skin, and absorb dirt, oils, and toxins. We know it’s quite the splurge, but it’s suggested that this formula works as an alternative to plastic surgery–and hey, it’s definitely less painful!…” Read the Full List from RealBeauty.com here.[divider]


Hello giggles, is an online community that focuses on topics central to their female readers, such as DIY projects and beauty tips. editor, Courtney Leiva of Hello Giggles posted an articled titled “How to Look Bond Girl Hot!”

“Anyone knows that Bond babes always have glowing, drool-worthy skin, so be sure to get this 24K gold-infused (yup, it’s real gold kids) body scrub. During your next scheduled session of me-time, slather some of this yummy smelling scrub onto your body for smooth and supple skin…” Read the full article here.