Protecting Your Face from the Summer Sun

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Summer is just around the corner and is bringing warm weather and fun in the sun. It is also bringing the potential for damage to your skin. The skin on the face is especially delicate and sensitive to sun damage. Learning how to protect your face from the summer sun can help you enjoy the warm months of this season without enduring lasting damage.

Most people make an effort to protect their skin from being burned during the summer months. While this goes a long way towards preventing permanent damage, a sunburn is not the only consequence of exposure to the sun’s rays. Using an SPF of at least 30 can help prevent damage to the face.

The sun gradually removes the moisture from the skin and can make it appear flaky. This can also cause premature wrinkles. Dry skin, especially on the face, can make you appear to be older than you are. Oro Gold Cosmetics offers products with SPF which work to help protect skin from UVA rays.

Sunburn is another common consequence of too much sun. Sunburn occurs when the skin is exposed to and injured by UV radiation. Most people experience a mild sunburn that consists of a reddening of the skin, but more severe sunburns can cause fluid filled vesicles and blisters. Preventing damaging and painful sunburn is one reason why knowing how to protect your face from the summer sun is so important.

Extensive sun damage can cause permanent changes to the skin’s collagen. Collagen is a structural protein that gives the skin its shape and elasticity. These permanent changes can cause photoaging or premature aging of the skin. Wrinkles and fine lines develop. A condition called actina purpura can also occur. This condition involves the weakening of blood vessels under the skin. These blood vessels can rupture at the slightest impact and cause bleeding beneath the skin.

There are several easy ways to protect your skin from sun damage. Covering areas that will be exposed to the sun by wearing a hat is an easy and stylish fix. Examining Oro Gold reviews and learning how to use products with SPF to protect the delicate skin of your face from the sun  is another way to keep your skin healthy.

Spending time outdoors in the summer is a lot of fun, but if you do not know how to protect your face from the summer sun then your skin can suffer a lot of damage. Taking steps to protect your skin will keep you looking younger and prevent permanent problems with your skin. Make sure that you are fully prepared for summer by keeping your skin healthy. You will enjoy all the summer fun much more when you protect your skin from sun damage.

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