Denise Richards: New Spokesperson for Oro Gold

oro goldWednesday, July 24th marked the grand opening for New York City’s first Oro Gold store. During the ceremony the luxurious skincare line announced Denise Richards as Oro Gold Cosmetics’ newest spokesperson. Denise Richards, who is known in Hollywood for both her talent and beauty is a perfect representative for the anti-aging skincare brand.

In a press release, Oro Gold C.E.O. Adi Oded stated  “We are thrilled to be able to share the news that Denise Richards is our new spokesperson for OROGOLD Cosmetic.  The OROGOLD brand means beauty, elegance, and radiance, which are all things we feel Denise exemplifies on and off the red carpet. This comes at an exciting time for OROGOLD Cosmetics as the company continues to grow.”

Read the full press release: “OROGOLD Cosmetics Announces New Spokesperson Denise Richards.”

Denise Richards, who began her career as a model, now stars in the ABC family hit television series Twisted.

Ms. Richards was first attracted to Oro Gold Cosmetics because of its trademark ingredient of 24 karat gold. Gold has amazing anti-aging properties that can help your skin look younger and more radiant. As Ms. Richards is quick to attest, the effects of Oro Gold skincare products are truly red carpet worthy.